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Greetings, neighbor!

Regrettably, our legislature is the best money can buy.   The governor and most lawmakers are more concerned about money and power than they are about the people who trusted them and voted for them.  It breaks my heart and that's why I'm running for State Senate, District O.

There is a saying... "Be the change you want to see in the world."  And we are doing just that.  Because we reject this broken system, we'll fund our campaign the old-fashioned way -- with small gifts from people.  We will not accept donations from any source other than flesh-and-blood people and we will limit an individual's donation to $100 because we figure that's about how much most people could contribute to support someone who will be fighting for them and their families.

If elected, I'll quit my oilfield job in order to be your full-time senator and advocate.  And I will only serve one term... I'm not out to establish some sort of political dynasty. 

Come check out the issues pages -- you'll see stuff that you'll agree -- and disagree -- with.  We are passionate about strengthening families, preparing our communities for the day the oil pipeline shuts down, providing people with tools for success, restoring trust in government and returning control of government to the people, making sure all Alaskans have access to decent health care, freeing our brothers and sisters from the slavery of drug and alcohol addiction and taking care of this Great Land we've been blessed with.  We can't be everything to everyone but the values that underlie our efforts are unity, love and respect for one another, personal responsibility, cooperation and planning for the future. We hope that you'll mostly agree with our dream for Alaska and you'll lend a hand.

In Alaska, there is no "us" and "them."  It's just us.  Please join us!  Together we can make a big difference!

Eric Treider